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Ice Climbing


“I love a lot of things,” W.A. Fulkerson says.  “I figure that if I’m going to write, I need to be adventuring.  My experiences naturally feed into my writing, and I want my writing to be extraordinary.  I’m open to trying just about anything, and I love new challenges.  I think that if God went through all the trouble of making such a big, beautiful world, we might as well go ahead and make use of it.




“I grew up with my best friend in El Cajon, California, on the eastern edge of San Diego County.  We practically lived on the mountains behind his house, one in particular which we referred to as ‘Rattlesnake Mountain.'”  Thus was begun a lifelong passion for hiking, exploring, and anything outdoors for W.A. (to read Fulkerson’s Bio, click here)




“What advice do I have for aspiring writers?” Fulkerson repeats the question before answering it.  “Be interesting.  Be interested.  There are a million fascinating topics to study, just as many skills to master, and more places to visit than you possibly ever could, but this is what makes you interesting as a writer: no one can experience everything.  Whatever the cross-section of this life that makes up your experiences, it is utterly unique to you.  (click here to read Fulkerson’s response to our question, “why writing?”)