Starfall FAQ

Spiral Galaxies

How did you think up the concept?

I wrote a piece of poetry one pensive evening, years ago, in which I imagined the stars leaving their celestial homes and floating to the earth below like so many flakes of gently falling snow.  The idea was one that stuck with me and I began to wonder what happens when a star falls.  From there the world of Pontus was born.


How do you pronounce Ducasus’ name?



How do you pronounce Rosae’s name?



Who is your favorite character?

That is a difficult question, but if I had to pick one I would say Incus.  I love all of my characters, but I’ve spent more time with Incus, so to speak, and I think that endears him to me.  Before I ever began writing the Starfall Trilogy, I wrote a novella called “Incus” that takes place about forty-five years before the events of Starfall.  As the title implies, it follows the extraordinary Nebula, whose reticence, strength, hardened vulnerability, and wisdom all combine to put him at the top of my list.  The novella has never been published- I’ve never offered it for publication, in fact- but it is a part of the Starfall canon nonetheless.


Is there Latin in the books?  Why?

Yes, there is, but it isn’t Latin, exactly.  In the Starfall Trilogy I use Latin as a metaphor for the Language of Names, because it has a corollary to our own language.  The Language of Names is an older, antiquated language that only the scholars of Pontus still speak (with the exception of the Northern Barbarians, who cling to the language and customs of the Novae.) Latin is to English as the Language of Names is to the Common Tongue of Pontus.  There is no English in Pontus either, but if I were to write the books in the Common Tongue, ironically no one would be able to read it.


How do people in Pontus know which star is theirs?

A couple of ways.  First, whenever a child is born under any sort of normal circumstances, the midwives aid the mother in the birthing room while the men stand outside in a traditional ring, watching the sky for a new star.  The star’s appearance coincides exactly with the child’s birth, so it is almost always seen when it flashes into place.  Also, as you read in Starfall, there is something of a connection between a person and their star.  They are drawn to it.  It is easy for them to remember which star is theirs because they have been taught their whole lives, but also because deep inside they are drawn to it.


Who did the cover art?

A very talented graphic designer named Jana Raport.  You can view more of her work at her website,


Are you going to write more books that take place in Pontus?

It is a possibility that I have given serious consideration.  Presently I cannot promise anything, but I think that I would like to revisit the world at some point.  There is so much history and culture that there simply isn’t time to explore in the Starfall Trilogy, so the idea of writing more books that take place in Pontus is an enticing one.