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What’s Going On With the Starfall Series? And the Short Stories??

The short answer is, I’m making them better.
I’m not fundamentally changing the story, just tightening up the language and applying the skills I’ve gained in the last seven years as a writer. Starfall was my first series, and while a lot of people really loved the books (and I love them too), there are just some things that need fixing.
There’s the possibility of them changing publishers as well, so for now – the books are offline. You can still find some used copies, but if you want to read them, please, as the author I’m asking you to wait. They will be way better once I’m done.
And don’t worry, it won’t take ten years. I’m most of the way done with editing the first book, and as I have time in the next few months I plan on editing the others, too.
I haven’t quite decided what to do with the book of short stories yet. We never really promoted it, and while I love the cover art, I’m not yet sure if I’ll change which stories are inside or not. I’ll get to it soon.